Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A wake-up thought in between

Putting your hopes, desires, and energy into dreams of grandeur and security. In our society it's all about "later" it seems, reaching that "place" in time. Sometimes it's a financial place, sometimes it's a place in time we believe will end our suffering in our present lives. For whatever reason, people always seem to not have it right, right now. I see it time and time again. People reach that "place", that state, and then that state is no longer what they want. Because, like the organisms we are... Our wants, needs, and desires start to the change the second we create them in our minds. We just don't consciously know it yet.  When a person says to another person. "You've changed" the origin of this statement is from the perspective of it being sudden.  But then of course we look at the reasons for this statement and the events leading up to it and we see falsie in this. The point I'm trying to adhere to is to waste your time on an idea that things could be better someday as long as you pay your due's to father time, is the game. But when playing game's, one always knows that inevitably the game will end. Will you still want the prize you were fighting for at the begining in the end? The trials and struggles you enduring while playing have changed you, because you've lived them. Anything you've lived and experienced. HAS affected your mental state, and been written down in your unofficial biography.

Once all your dreams have come true, they've already faded away. So ride the wave when its here, and chill till the next one.

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