Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday, Feb 5th 2011 Clouds are the skies Whip cream

6:31am, Clouds are the skies whipped cream
Holy Jumpin’s just made it! First off, me and Adriana went to the wrong terminal and had to tank this random train, mono-rail thinger to the other terminal. Flight was supposed to take off at 6:15am… I finally got to the US customs agent at 6:13. Freaaaking out the whole time in the line, thinking of ways to get closer to the front. I was about to start bribing people in line with US $20s to let me budge haha. Luckilly it never resorted to that because I underestimated people. The kindness to just flowed out my way, I guess this being the year of rabbit is really paying off for me luck-wise. After I got past the “snooty, can’t be bothered” U.S customs agent, I followed this lovely airline worker (pushing 70 atleast…) to the conveyor belt. Threw my bags on it, and chased after her to security, listening to her shout out commands to the airplane. I took off my shoes (that were double knotted of course.) then was scolded by a security agent for having water in my re-fillable water bottle. The frail, short grey haired Airline agent, rushed to dump my water out for me at a local food stop I believe, as I hurriedly untied my shoelaces so I could get my shoes back and with no time to lace up, tucked my laces in any nook and cranny I saw and took off running (carefully..) down the moving walkways. As Adriana put it so eloquently earlier when trying to get to the right terminal, “It’s like we’re in the Amazing Race”. So I’m running after this airline worker, glancing down occasionally to see how screwed I am laces wise. It’s also a very weird feeling running on a moving walkway… very bouncy feeling. I couldn’t keep up with this airline worker for the life of me! “She put me to shame hard”, I thought as I stared at her back calf muscles bulging with each pounce of a step. I could feel my leg jiggle bounce uncontrollably around as sharp pains threatened my crooked penguin legged knees. They held the flight for me. I’m just in such shock and aw at the general help people gave me to get me on this flight.
The fast accent to Altitude has begun as I vigorously chew my gum. I look down over Toronto as it turns into Sim City and I am its master and overlord. I can feel the re-adjusting, leveling out, and tilting of the vessel encasing my first OFFICIAL step of the trip (in a “I’m covered by insurance now kind a way) and all I can say is…
*Scored the window seat! I don’t even fully understand how, but the middle aged retired couple sitting beside me was already asleep.
And I’ve stopped sweating profusely… Really wish I had some of that water that was dumped out right about now…

The sun is peeking up now. With soft turquois and blues, a hint of stars still remain above, as their slowly eaten by the sun.

10:32 Welcome to Miami indeed
Mai Tai in hand, welcome to Miami! Arrived a little late... Naturally… :P
There’s no computer cafĂ©’s or anything I can sit down to communicate with. I miss my phone and google like a junkie misses crack. But I’ve got my Mai Tai, so all is well. I’ve had about 3 hours of sleep altogether at random intervals in the past 8 hours, so I’ll try and catch a few winks on next flight to Guatemala City! You know those mysterious world traveler types you see. Well, that’s what I’m going for with my “look”. Naww meen? Heheh. I ended up having this great convo with an older gentleman who owns property in Nicaragua, and a night club. Which makes him hip apparently, laul. He also thinks common sense is, his son traveling the world while he’s 20, even though he’s in school right now for business. Common sense to him would also be his son working as a server in his restaurant in Nicaragua for a summer. None of these are common sense things, and for a moment I think he wanted me as a daughter because I’m cooler than his son, just for traveling period. I also heard a woman bring her child into the stall next to me in the bathroom to spank her. And the kid knew it was coming and started crying while saying “I hate this part”.. and that was Miami.

3:10pm time adjustment
2:10pm Touchdown- minus a bag

Sitting in the lobby of the Guatemala City airport. What an amazing decent! Dioz mi! We dived into the clouds where we floated lost for a few moments… Then the hilly Volcanic landscape emerged! But it was just a nibble, like when you get to the final 2 on American Idol and Ryan Secrest pretends to say whose going home then says “You’ll find out… After the break!”. Then the full reveal! Looking down at Guatemala City is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. The tops of all the houses look as though they are made of rusted metal, All simple bungalow styles of vibrant blue’s and yellows. Tightly packed together, lost in the Toyota billboards or mid-rise apartment towers, usually no taller than 5 floors.
I could feel the humidity kiss my body as I left the plane, and walked in that small connection spot to the ramp, which I then walked up with my seat buddy Martin Jacob. A Guatemalan man, who was working in Connecticut to bring money home to his family I assume. This was all deciphered with the help of my nifty Translator device(unfortunately most of the words I want to look up in it are wrong..) and Lynda! The woman on the other side of Martin in our Row of 3 seats (I got the window seat again!! Cha chiiing!). Lynda was going to work with habitat for humanity in a town just before Xela! She had also lived in Xela for 3 months a while back and gave me the name of her tutor (Like I’ll find her..) But she had a guidebook, so I wrote down a few places to check out, food and entertainment wise.

My Gift Duffle bag ended up getting lost I think In my switchover in Miami. But it’s been reported already and It’ll be delivered to “Casa Argentina” in Xela tomorrow night probably. (good thing I wrote out all the places we’d be staying with phone numbers!) My towel was in it unfortunately... so we’ll see what will happen there! It’ll either be a hotel towel or baths with moist wipes.
This was amazing. Some kind of something I got at the airport

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