Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back in the Real world?

Since being back things have been a little weird to say the least. Watching the little bees get on with their busy bee
lives. I walk down the street. I see the hooded the thugs putting on a tough show. I see the hootchies, putting on a hootchie booty walk. I see the children mimicing that which they see the older bunch acting as. We have the runners in their running attire. The Glamour and glitz-a-fied girls just coming from a day of buying at the mall.

Looking at my spending habits before I left, well it was out of control. and not really even at that by most standards. Some of which I just didn't know better for trip shopping. Which I now do. And other buys, well.. needless with behavioral addictions to spending money daily for no reason. Because I have it?

Walking down the streets of Toronto. looking at the people simply move about. Shuffling with the flow, as tho rehearsed their whole lives. So cold. Eyes averted. To come from a place where people may not know your name, but none the less will shoot you a smile and Buenas dias, or hola. To make eye contact with the numb and motivated movers of the City streets seems impractical here. Is impractical really the word tho? Of course not! This is not a way I choose to act. Coming from a small town where my dad would walk down the street and say "Good'ay" to everyone he meets to the "accustomed" behavior of a City amoeba of cold and un-welcomed uncomfortable look away's. Is a truly sad state indeed to see, and one that probably directly relates to the lack of empathy towards our fellow humans in "underprivileged", "deprived" and "underdeveloped" areas of the world that for the most part people poison with their presence. but really most tourist contribute to the problem by association of continued narcissistic tendencies of bringing this life like a disease to their world. A world far closer to any truths we may think we have.

First thing I did once I got back to my apartment at midnight on Sunday February 27th, was get a box, or 2, and some bags... and fill them. With anything that has only materialistic values with no reason or purpose for owning. Some stuff from china town montreal, shirt after shirt and what nots of things I might wear and just couldn't part with before that over flowed my dresser.  "Well this shirt doesn't fit me. but I got it at this.. just can't get rid of it." GONE!! no point. I think I put some shoes in there.

I suppose I'll keep the rest of my stuff till it in invariably ends up in boxes in storage somwhere or sold/donated given to friends.
hopefully not reaching the point in which abondonment for Catastrophic implications are neccessary but always a possibility.

And I suppose I'll bathe regularly as one of the societal requirements. I did miss my straightener tho.