Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Cosmic Place Of The Dandelion

I wander through the streets after the rain parts ways with the clouds,
To unveil the jealousy of a long forgotten sun.

A dandelion or two are picked as childlike innocence is pondered
The beauty of its lines remains unscathed by the judgments of illusionary grandeur
It's magnificence remains equal to that of any other flower perceived as Beautiful by the masses

The resilience and determination the dandelion
shows each spring, defying the ideals of "man"
with its heroic return to the grounds of its former massacres of years past
The conformed rows of stoic green blades taunt its bud as it emerges from beneath its leering gaze
To voice its simplistic complex purity,
Its right for a place in our minds and our eyes

Sent from the Sun God and partnered with the Earth Spirit
It spreads not as a disease to be eradicated
But as a reflection back to us that which we seek within

And look for with blind eyes and unopened hearts

May you all walk through life as the Dandelion, resilient, and ready to claim your place