Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Organization of Disorganization

So I just had my final hang-out Sesh with my bestest girls from highschool before I leave them for the rest of the month. Drank some Dominican Rum My friend brought back, and play some Wii bowling and Archery. Got a nice massage as well to prepare my poor stress-filled tensioned shoulders for the packs that will house my life for 22 days.

Never before have I had to try and organize my life in such a way. Certainly teaches you to re-evaluate your essentials. I'll post a more detailed list (with photos) of what i'm bringing soon.

Since the sudden cold snap we've had the past couple days in Ottawa. I realized that.. the wardrobe I got from Value Village is waaay too winter friendly and I will most definitly turn me into a pile of oozing salty water on the ground, which would then turn into mud, which could wipe out towns if it "slides". And if you knew me, and knew how hot I like it. You'd realize just how warm my wardrobe was. I had 4 sweaters for crying out loud!! What, was I, thinking... So I took almost all of it back. I kept 2 sweaters, for those cold mornings and nights, and I got 1 warm warm vest to assist as well. took back some capris, and got more knee length shorts instead. I decided on 2 pairs of pants and the rest shorts. But I'll save that for the list of items!

I still need to get a hardrive to put my photos and videos on. Not looking forward to that expense, and I'm too afraid to look at my bank account as is after rent and my car insurance payments. But any trips I take in the future wont be nearly this expensive tho for startup costs. I just didn't have any of those "little" extras, like soap holders, travel toothbrush, and what nots. Not to mention the 2 very large pre-trip expenses, one being my Cintiq screen for work, and the other my new Camera! Both of which were at the top of their categories for new-ness.

Needless to say my Credit cards are feeling it and are being forced to sit this trip out.
Wont be long now! 1 and a half ish days till Toronto and 3 till Guatemala!

AdiĆ³s para ahora
Seniorita Sarah

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