Friday, February 18, 2011

The Laundry Loop de Loop

9:34am The Night before
So Last night was a tonne of fun! I got my first taste of being free and alone during this trip. To get an idea of what it'll be like when I travel this summer to Europe. So I got to practice my meeting of new travelers! The band played all the classic tunes, Sublime. Sexual healing haha. It's true about German efficiency. SHtefani took spanish before coming here, and she made comments about how things could run more smoothly haha. Gave me a giggle in my inside.

On the "Ferry" boat heading back to San Pedro from Santiago. Me, Marg, Joe, and Margarita went to explore the lake side town today, but separately. We ended up at the wrong dock this morning so we took a tuk tuk to the right dock for 15Q total and the ferry was 40Q each there and back. Marg, Karen, Joe and margarita, managed to get us 200Q refunded back to us for the horrible driver yesterday from Chi Chi market.  I laid low, I'm not one for confrontations. I did arrange for me and joe to go Hang gliding tomorrow in Pana Jachel. We're to meet our driver at noon at the dock.

I got a shit tonne of stuff in the santago markets today. Found an incredible carved Mayan Calendar and I got some gifts for people as well as a pair of pants and a skirt. wouldn't mind a mini wallet for going out tho. But Yo es Broko.

We have reservations at La Peurto tonight. It was nice walking around on my own again today. I wish I had time to do some spanish school this trip but it'll have to wait till next time I guess.

Had an amazing dinner at La Peurto. I got the Naranju pollo and a green goddess cocktail and a mojito. The mojito was good but it had so much big chunks of mint leaf in it that It was getting sucked up my straw and stuck and and it was just annoying blaah. I just got all my clothes off the bed. what a nightmare! I got home today from santiago and my laundry bag with dirty clothes in it was GONE. Mini heart attack moment.  But then I thought, Karen must have taken it with hers today. Then she came back to the room with just her laundry, and the heart thing again. I went to the hotel staff who only spoke espanol.. I was just like.. "Dandes Lavendria?" Jack knew more spanish then me so he helped me the best he could explain the situation.  I walked up to the room.. my sweaters were on a line drying up there. But where was the rest!! Wasn't in this big pile they were sorting. Dandes dandes dandes!!?? One of the owners or something of hotel said " Uno momento" to me. So I waited in a panic. Then she goes Andalay and leads me off the hotel PROPERTY... down the street... we stop at a shop, she chits and chats.. we continue on down the road. then make a sharp right down a shifty ass back alley with tin roofs over head. She knocks on this womans door. They talk for a bit. Then we start following her BACK in the direction of the hotel. We're back on hotel property now.. I'm so lost at this point. Que? Que? She opens the door to this warehouse... it was nearly deserted inside except for a stack of chairs in the corner. and on top of a low stack.. was my laundry bag.. sitting all by its lonesome.  Not a morsal of other people's lavandria anywhere in site.  Karen's sweater was in my bag, and I was missing 3 towels. She kept saying I wasn't... One of them was in Max's laundry bag.. She was convinced I didn't have another towel in there. Rosa Taya ci. Missing!! She ended up finding it in ANOTHER building in a room below the office. The 3rd towel I gave back to Margarita and forgot. so all is well!! 


She wanted me to pay her hahahah. This whole incident was just hilarious the whole. All is good, I got all my laundry. It was cleaned. Felt Hand washed and sun dried. She got paid!

Funny shit.