Thursday, February 3, 2011

so its begun

Riddled by late nights, early mornings and pure espresso (blaah) I'm officially on my way now. I'm sitting on the bus to go to Toronto. I was the last person on because I had to stop at wendys for dinner. Only to descover I can no longer get a jr.bacon cheeseburger meal. Which at first I was upset about. But then became quite happy about because I never I want the stupid watered down pop...I arrived 10mins before my bus left and I almost couldn't get on because I took the reciept portion off my ticket . Which apparently is bad... so it may be a problem when I try to come back to Ottawa on the 27th.

I managed to take out the trash, do all my dishes, change francois dilinger's water(beta fish),feed christine angel some meal worms (bearded dragon). And write out all my travel information and compile digital copies of all my travel documents and sendthem to family. The only thing I forgot was to send my bank account info to my family incase I need some emergency cash.but I can do that in Toronto.

And Kayla (the watchful keeper of my plants andpets)conveniently forgot to give me my hair goop wax stuff. But I still love her despite this...haha

Ill be staying with my wonderful cousin Adriana while in Toronto. Who has even procured a vehicle to get me to the airport at 4 am on saturday. Bless her soul!!

Now to learn some spanish from some free vids I converted to ipod format. Andenjoy the next 3 hours on the bus.

Very sleepilly.... And caffeine cranked, yours truely

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