Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the land where druggies come to die.

So yesterday was pretty packed and I wasn't feeling a hundred percent. I took an immodium yesturday morning and for the whole day it felt like someone put a plug in my tub. But it fixed itself around 3 am....

So we stopped on the way to San Pedro at a village so Paul could visit a girl he's been sponsoring for about 4 years whose 18 now. She almost finished up with school and will be able to be a teacher afterwords!

After we left this town it wasn't long before we were heading down the winding road on the side of the mountain, litterally sooo windy, that cars honked before every corner incase someone was coming on the other side. We stopped in one of the villages surrounding the lake called San Juan (san won). We drove around lost in it for a while looking for a clinic we donated medical supplies to. Eventually we found it. And the path to get to it litterally made it impossible to simply stubble upon it. You really had to KNOW where this place was. It was opened by a woman named Mary from Colorado. the Clinic is called ODIM The clinic was muy Bonita, and very well built/designed. They also recently had a dental facility donated that was bran new. They offered vasectomy's for 35Q! ($3.50-4 CAD) and they make medicines from plants they grow on the rooftop garden.

Getting to San Pedro from Xela was such a bumpy winding drive. Up and Down, RIGHT corner, LEFT corner. Me and Karen sat in the back of the van which is now going to the CHICHI Market. (same road we were on yesterday) and will take back to San Pedro later.. thats 3 times on this road.. not good..its a good 2 hour drive each way as well.

7:26 PM Night 2 in San Pedro
Our drive back was well... THE WORST TRIP TO DATE!!! Our driver was an Hour late, he was this young little punk ass. The Van was pretty Shit-tastic too and falling apart. And it apparently rained in the space between San Pedro and Chichi. making the roads and drive back, that much more fun, and longer. Also on our way to Chichi market this morning we saw the end result of a fatal accident at one of those wonderful sharp corners, with a truck and a jeep. Seat belts pretty much don't exist here either, and are not used by anyone. I had heard from someone the driver was still in the jeep. which was a crushed tin can in the side of the truck. People here really know how to hustle and help out when their are accidents tho.

We had a few close calls on the way back with our driver. Our driver we had in Xela who drove us to San Pedro would honk before each corner. This guy honked, maybe once.

Me, Karen, and Margarita are eating dinner at "Mikaso" now, and using the WiFi. We had our last group breakfast here this morning and our last lunch here yesterday when we arrived. The papas (fries) and Mayo here are unbelievable..The best mayo I have ever had in my life. We all went over our thoughts about the trip and what the next step would be. Everyone had a lot of nice experiences and moments to share from their sides of the trip. Grizelda thanked us for helping her people. "My people need many things" is how she put it. And the fundraising not only provides people with the relief from Smoke inhilation and blindness. But it also gives them a larger cooking area, and it uses less wood. So they have more time live their lives, and not just spend it surviving. 

This whole town is filled with tourists. This restaurant is also a Hostel/Hotel. And they have a lot of Lounge places with hammocks and a pool table. The view is just incredible from here. Its right on the lake. almost too close with the rising water levels. Our hotel is really nice too. and has a great balcony, and the roof has great view, but doesn't have anything on it. We have a bathroom/shower in our room here too! wOooo! But I had a cold shower tonight. Sucked. I had about 2mins of hotwater and then nada. I think I heard a generator switch off while I was in it.

Me and Karen did a walk about yesturday afternoon. Went thru the hippy district where you can do Yoga/meditation. Get hot STONE massages and whatnots. lots of Outdoor restaurants and Spanish schools. A good amount of Internet cafe's as well. I saw a flyer for a piercing and tattoo place above "The Clover" Restaurant. Where I had eaten the night before. I wanted to get some earings there. No mom I didn't get another piercing.. lol.

I've had a lot of thoughts about seriously moving here and running an art class and or selling art. I wouldn't make any money. But I would make enough to live here atleast.

 I just met some nice Norwegian girls and a German girl. We went to hear the owner of "Mikaso's" play at the Buddha bar.

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