Friday, February 4, 2011

Toronto-Before the big Trip

9:03am- Wake up call
Adriana has been just wonderful as my host. I guess we both get our over-accommodating nature from the Barbary Clan! She left me 4 subway tokens to get around. Now to get ready and get at it!

9:17am Just Dance
So I’m having coffee watching much music (and there’s actual videos on!!) and a thought crept into my head! (Shocker I know). I’m pretty “all up in” the music scene these days. I definitly won’t be able to continue doing that while in Guatemala…If there is any kind of dancing going on, then I best be involved to show the other ladies in the GSP group a thing or 2 about how to let loose and live it up!

3:14pm Leaving the Ontario art museum now, but not now because I’m writing this first.
Just saw the Maharaja Exhibit. Interesting to see the transition over into british rule and how It changed their dress and customs. I also came here to see the Tim Burton exhibit, which I googled once here, and realized it was somewhere else.. “never assume”. It is actually at the “TIFF: Bell Lightbox” building. Luckilly its only a 12 minute walk so the 40 mins I spent walking here weren’t for nothing.

3:57pm at Tiff:Bell Lightbox building in the Canteen
Just grabbed a chicken BLT, and of course a latte! I can see this weird looking Burton designed object from my seat at the Canteen (food restaurant inside building)

8:13pm Back at Adriana’s and she’s making Dinner.
The Tim Burton exhibit was better than great! It was MUEY BUENO!! Really showcased all his work nicely. He can do everything in the world!! Mediums wise. Water colour, pastel, Oil paint, Metal, costume designs, machine powered things!! And of course Ink, Claymation, Traditional, Digital, and stop motion animation, Live action too, And his own bloody FONT!
Now to unpack, repack again and again..

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