Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Feb 14, 2011 Te Amo

Woke up extremely exhausted today. Karen was up for the 2nd night in a row sick. I took half a gravel to help me sleep. But to avail. So Tonight I'm gunna get some Melatonin from Andrew. That might help me sleep thru a night.

Today we had an incredible rain shower at like 5pm. We stopped at a "Mall" (yeah theirs a mall here), to get some money out of an ATM that was "safer" then the ones in the Market that I've been using the whole time.  Me and Rita used the Bathroom. There was only like 5 stalls (in a room with space for 10), and there was a line up for each stall. not just a general line.  There was ads on a few of the doors for a beauty spa with the actress from Serendipity on it. She was looking fiiiiiiine too. The Food court had a Taco Bell, Burger king, Pizza Pizza, some chinese place. There was a payless shoe store, lots a sandles in therr. Duh. I saw a gap and "The Source". There was also an arcade are. I saw this boy playing DDR!! He was uber pro. Rockin both sides!! Of course I'd get excited about this haha. So I got back to the hostel, we left Phil Meg, and Tom at the mall because some of us had to get to a few market stores before they closed. Karen Stayed home today, and was no where to be seen with the room key for quite a while. I assumed she got lost because she has no sense of direction or landmarks it seems. I thought about going out to look for her, but it was raining...  Renny said he left her at the coffee shop. I debated just going there, but I played with the Parrot in the lobby instead. Then I hung out with Renny and Andre for a bit. Everyone kept offering to let me hang out in their rooms because they wouldn't be in there. Which was really nice of them, but when I heard the offer all I could picture was me sitting in the dark in a foreign room. Why would I do that? I didn't spend any time in my own room at this point, just went their to drop stuff off and sleep.  So me and the guys were gunna go get a Gallo (beer) and chill, and on our way out, guess who came in. Yup! wait. what did you guess? If you said Tom, Phil and Meg, your wrong. It was KAREN!! YAAAAAAaaaaaay.  She did get lost. I gave her a scolding eye and she gave me the key.

We decided to go to a place called "Brooklyn" but it was closed. So we went to "Royal Paris".  It was all decorated up fancy like for Valentines Day. Candles, and an old guy playing the keyboard and singing in French at the front. I had TILAPIA! MMMM with a cream dijon and dill saw sauce, on the side it looked like mashed sweet papa's.

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