Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday, Feb 8th 2011 My friend the Turkey

Woke up a bit before 6:30 today. Karen was up, so I got up too. I didn´t bother typing out journal entries last night after I went thru my pictures from yesturday, too pooped. Fell asleep immediatly. I slept  in a T-shirt last night  hoping I wouldn´t wake up sweating and then get cold. I did wake up with a sore  throat, luckilly I randomly put my water beside my bed, so I took a sip and went back to bed. But then I had a dream that I went to Dr. Delgrande (a doctor from perth working on the project here as well with his family) and before he could  diagnose me I woke up and it was gone! I´ve mentioned to other people I´ve been having weird dreams every night, and I´ve been going back into them as well. sometimes more then once. Of course its always a little different each time you  go back in.

Breakfast today was a soggy waffle with pineapple, watermelon, and papaya. David  had the same thing but with yogourt/granola ontop. On our way to build stove number 2 today.  Afterwords me and Karen  are developing pictures for people in the village

getting images developed  at a liquor/candy/photo prints place now. It will cost me 20Q for 30 pictures roughly $3CAD I believe. Then we´re going to eat at a more authentic Xela Restaurant instead of the Italian food we´ve been eating lately.

Karen and Max picking our random browsing destination
Gringa's special? lol

Karen, Max and I walked all over the Xela market to gander. me and Karen bought some mitts for like 5Q ($0.60 CAD) and I bargained down from 10Q which is like $1.25haha

Me, Reinaldo, and not sure who the youngest boy is on the left.
But they both followed me out to the field behind their house.

woman washing closed on the other side of river in the backyard field

the baƱo here (bathroom)
Today was even better then yesturday. I spent some time with a young boy named "Reinaldo", who I thought was 8 or 9 and turned out to be 15. Malnutrition and lack of education at its finest.
John played soccer with him, his brother, and papa. Paul gave them a new soccer ball to replace theirs which I'm pretty sure was a basketball. The chickens and ducks moved out of the way nicely.

Curious villagers came by to see the Gringo's at work again.
I drew this for Reinaldo and
tore it ou to give to him
I befriended a Turkey later on. He came right up to me while I was sitting and sketching and he sat in the shadow of my legs. I even petted it for a while. The young boys expressed their superiority to the turkeys and lack of empathy by kicking it, pushing down on it and even purposely stepping on it's tail feathers.

At the end of the day I ran to give out a couple knitted dolls to some of the young girls from the previous day and on my way back to the van trucks I handed out a couple hair ties to dos girls sitting on a wall.

7:45pm Got the Pictures!
They look even better then I thought hey would! So me and Karen are going to give them out tomorrow at lunch. Some of them have never had their picture taken and even Reinaldo had gestured to me to not take a picture of one of the girls. Not sure why tho. 

 John cleaning the mixing ground

Mason Paul from Perth working on the top layer

Joe trying to teach the father Inglais?

Me pretending to work for photo ops.

We ate dinner at the authentic looking Restaurant tonight. Very very fun! Liz and Jim finally arrived as well. They were in Comitancillo which is 8000ft above sea level. They were their inspecting stoves with the womens group A.M.M.I.D. who GSP is partnered with for stove building throughout the year.

finished plancha!


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