Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday,February 10th, 2011.

7:20pm Last night I had a dream we went thru the jungle slums singing Bruno Mars. Then I woke up and listened to some on my Ipod while I got ready for work.
Today was our last day of stove building this week. Tomorrow we’re headed to Pannemaquim to the Sam Clarke School.  It’s about an hour or 2 drive up in the mountains again. So it’ll be cool in the morning and muy caliento in the afternoon. My neck burn  from yesterday was burning this morning when I woke up. I also decided to wake up late on purpose today because I haven’t been sleeping thru the night. I decided to drink a little more to kinda konk me out ahah see if that helped. But I woke up with a hydrant full of pee. I really debated on not going because I just felt really drained. But Gotta keep on keepin on, there’s a lot more people worse off. I’m sure the Kiche women don’t feel like lugging laundry down to the stream to hand scrub it with babies on their backs. But they do it because it must be done. So I’ll drag my pathetic spoiled ass outa bed. I also woke up when I got bit by a bed bug I think….yep…  Def have the bed bugs. Which is BS!! Cuz I got the sleeping bag, and the vinyle sheet too!! Grr! I have ankle bites, 3 randomly above my ass crack and a few around my waste. It’s the only thing that’s happened health wise to date tho. So that’s good.  The only pill I’ve taken was a Reactine on the first day of stove building for the dust, and I didn’t have to take another one yet.
We had four people who fell ill today and skipped work. So my team only had 3 people plus the mason Don Juan Hernandez! Muy Calar! Haha. We were right behind the house I worked at yesterday. So I gave him the pictures at the end of the day today. He asked me to take a picture of some other families to get printed as well. But it was getting to the point where everyone who got pictures wanted more and more, Rita warned us about this, so I simnply told him(By I simply Told him I mean Rita simply told him) That I didn’t know if I’d be back or not and I don’t think they understand that it costs Quetzals to print them.
We finished our stove very early today around 2pm, which was surprising with less people,  so Don Juan went to help the other groups finish. He went over to a house from yesterday to finish up the chimney part  as well earlier in the day before lunch! Haha
The Family we had didn’t love getting their pictures taken. So I didn’t get a lot of footage , but Andre juggled with one of the girls for a while and even went around to the other houses and juggled for them too. I took some pictures of the kind of living conditions they had. At all the houses we visit, theirs always garbage all over the place, and dogs and cat who are suffering from malnutrition, and abuse running around losing their hair. That’s one of the hardest things to see every day here, all the stray animals in the streets. The pollution usually consists of Pop bottles, like coke and pepsi. Its cheaper to drink pop then the unsafe water. But all the families we visit are lucky enough to have a sink with well water at the very least. And now a stove!
There was a funny incident when I tried to use the bano at the house today.  As I approached it, a dog appeared as I turned the corner and (almost) scared the piss right outa me. But it was barking mostly at this little puppy who was on approach as well. One of the elder women of the house came over and helped silence the dogs so I could do my business. This was one of the hardest bano’s to go in to date. A real thigh burner to squat in this one! I had usually used the one we had near the house we ate lunch in everyday (our packed lunch).
I’ve noticed the Animals here react differently to same calls and actions we give ours back home. They for the most part are fearful of humans here, and don’t come at all for play, because well, they’ve never played. Andre had the cat playing with a string for a bit. Cat’s care even less here about humans then they do back home. Something I thought was impossible. I mean. Cats care back home sure. When they want it. Not usually when we want to give them attention. Can’t really get too close to any of the animals here, they all run off. Tho I don’t blame them. Kids kick them, and adults spit on them. Sensless torture to show their dominance.  I saw 2 dogs “Making Whoopy” in the street of Xela yesterday. Something I can honestly say I haven’t seen thus far. Glad I got to see it in Central America first? But the puppies rarely live to be full grown, theres just no food for them.
Google Flaming Banana dish!
I hung out with the village kids for a while today before we left. Andre Juggled some more with them.  The boys I met on Day 1 were all hassling me for more pictures, I said, “No Tengo", which meants I don’t have any, or just “No Seniors”, with my trademark finger pointed scoldly.
When we got to the downtown thanks to our driver, mason Marvin, me and Liz hopped out and went to Adrenalina tours (they picked us up in Guatemala city and also in Antigua to go to Xela) to enquire about a coupel day trips on the weekend. On Saturday we want to go to Takalik Abaj Archeological Site (currently in active Escavation still( and then to a coffee plantation with a zip line! Only $60 American for the day and it comes with a lunch. On Sunday a bunch of the woman want to tour the churches, but I want to go rock climbing! Looks like I’ll be the only one doing it tho. I just wanna say I climbed a mountain in Guatemala. They’ll have all the gear.
Tonight is the zombie wedding with Quetzal Trekkers. They are located in our hostel. Little sleep expected.

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