Monday, December 3, 2012

A Matter of Seaing and Being

The mass joining of all the arrangements of molecules in a culminating cluster
In Time,
In the Physical,

One movement propelling forward in a chaotic shuffling order

Linear and erradict
Leaders in the movement, shuffling to the front and to the back,


It matters not.
All in this flux will participate in reaching the furthest stretches across the granular materially littered shores, emanations and reflections in opposition to their liquid form.

Sands look up and see their long lost selves in immaterial form.

Some Jump to rejoice in the reunion with their other halves, in the process being swept away and pulled back into the familiar space of the flowing void.

Others barely hold their ground wishing their friends and neigbours well in their pursuits.

Some molecules that managed to stretched beyond the furthest of the few before them became lost and seperated from the collective motion and remained with the form.
Dissolving completely and settling in the space between.

Others turn back, grabbing pieces along the way,
Returning to their places in the vast openness of the sea,
Where they will live and await another chance at another time when again they will go in pursuit,

Some will descend into the depths, destined to spend moments of countless reflection at the current above,

and others,

Journey back to the outer reaches to the shores of form where the far reaches await their discovery.

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