Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year to the People of Earth

I just wanted to blog today about the word "Indigenous".

Definition: "Originating and living or occurring naturally in an area or environment"

In school we learned about how the Colonizers came from Britain to Canada and signed these treaties which allowed them to build settlements and "share the land" with the "Indigenous" Peoples of this land, formerly and still referred to as "Turtle Island". The term Indigenous in this sense refers to the people who originated on this land first. In this day and age tho The world is comprised of different Indigenous groups. The separating lines in our lineages are reaching lines of no separating with cross cultural marriages and children now being born with multiple indigenous backgrounds. What this means is that we can no long define the term Indigenous to a specific land or place. We are all indigenous to Earth now. So This whole #IdleNoMore Movement is about people. The people of Earth no longer allowing the terms and definitions to separate us. The class and race categorizations is old world logic. The only reason why the demands and voices of people aren't being heard by our "elected" governments is because our governments are holding onto old world logic, and old world systems.

Some people say "Things will never change". But when I look and feel, all around me, the chemical makeup of our melting pot of a country and world heating as we are all stirred together to the point we are at now, all it takes is for someone to finally burst and expand from the pressure and create something new to add to the mixture to create the door to be opened for another to expand and jump in, and another, and another, until eventually the whole pot is boiling and so jam packed full of movement and energy that once the heat is turned down we are left with the end result. Which is the perfect mixture of all the ingredients. Each one now changed by the experience and expansions of those before them and eventually themselves.

A delicious new recipe is now ready to be served up to future generations to 'mange' on and change and adapt with time as well.

The key to evolution is not a race to see who can make a better soup, or argue that the soup is perfect and doesn't need to change, but to be creative and experimental, and allow that space in our collective function for new ingredients and ideas to shape the soup of the future.

So to the nay Sayers and those who are afraid to change the soup,  you are more then welcome to eat the same soup for the rest of your life, but me, I'm going toss in a carrot or a piece of bark, maybe some cinnamon or a dash of vanilla and see if it could be better then it was yesterday.

So Peace, and Cheers to a new year, with new ideas, new beginnings, and a step forward for Humanity to a world without seperations, but the culmination of 4 corners of thought and 5 races of people.


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