Monday, November 26, 2012

The Within and Without of Water

Water flows within and without my being.
I breath in, derailing the en-lightened water on its ascent to the skies
Taking it inside of me, I transmute it.
Cells mix and match within
I breath out the now transformed water
So that it may carry on its pursuit to the heavens above.

A Cloud sweeps it up and they now journey into and out of being across the skies

Water remembers its immortality as it swirls and flows above,
Uniting with Particles from centuries past
Playing with the quarks and molecules,
They dance upon the highest of the high
To the outer reaches of the barriers of blue.

Until once again choosing to partake in the cyclical decent back.

Free-Falling, as a spiraling fractal,
It returns to its primordial form
Transcending the barriers of its anti-mattered existence
It returns to a state of matter

Twirling and flipping it takes on various partners for support in the dance of decent

Spread and,

It lays in pieces shocked by the impact

As it returns to its awareness
For a faint moment, All the joys and experiences return to the surface of remembrance

and then

As quickly as it remembered its wholeness in the history of history, it begins to fall away in the act of letting go, and forgetting

As the water is re-absorbed back to into the Earth
Fragmented and divided
The journey of remembering, uniting and ascending begin again,

With a deep inhale and hold
I dive into the river once again and drink from it the clarity I will need to continue

On my journey within its never ceasing flow.

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