Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Void

Dare I not to journey into such depths.
Opening and closing doorways that lead you into the ultimate depth of knowledge.

A sacred knowledge of one.

The doors appear and disappear as tho moving in and out of time and space.
Remaining elusive and mysterious.
Flashes of truth, too quick to trust.
Like a tractor beam on a cloaked ship
I am pulled in.

A vastness knowing no end.
sure to devour me whole.
Never to return,
Forced to remain in this void for eternity.

Perhaps tho, I have known this void.
This eternity.

Perhaps this pull is from a place within.

Where lay dormant bits of molecules that remember their origin.
Their home
Leaving with me,
with the soul purpose in life to one day guide me back.
The door to the void found me at last.
I would already be holding the key.
and like the key,
I yearn to unlock the door that will take us to a new realm
a new adventure.

Like the void.
The adventure is unknown.
Nothing ventured
Nothing Gained.

So I willfully use the key and leap within
So I may see what  their might be

Through the void.

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