Friday, August 10, 2012

Humanist of the Night

Many Walk and Many Talk
Some Pop and Some Lock

Maybe You Speak
And Maybe you Think

Gentle Grazes and Gentle Sweet Faces.

Some Sing and Some rock their Bling
Some Tussle and Some Flex therr Muscle

Some Watch and drink Scotch
Some Come in Quick Pound Shots

Moving Moving Moving

Beams of Light flicker and Flash
Highlighting Dust particles who've been stirred up by the night
All are

Moving Moving Moving

Bodies shift and shake
Hair sticks and Hair whips

All came here for the show.

Some perform Eligantly and
Some perform Disasteriously

Moving Moving Moving

Mouths Contort and Purse
Some expel harsh frequencies to the Air
Some expel Tonalities of Care

Moving Moving Moving
Weaning and Weaving
Swimming in through the Air

The Air is Moving Moving Moving

The Party Never ceases in the House of Air
So Take care
Because Air stares and stocks
Like a lioness in the desert

Waiting to Return

The Breath which was borrowed and Battered
Needs its morning after Shower

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