Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eternal Love

Like Matter we are pulled Together only to Fall apart.
Or so it would seem to those who saw.

In our world there was no time.
What appeared as a moment, to us was endless.
Feeling every particle draw nearer to yours,
one by one, those lonesome parts lingering subtly apart from us,
began to collide.

Within each impact worlds within Worlds joined like dominoes,
Each level as great and as awe in-sighting as the big bang
The birth of a star,
the creation of something new with the encompassing present.

As we glided at steady pace towards each other in the wave,
Sparks of new life erupting,
faster and faster like an underground detonation that exists,

In simple space.

At last the some total of each of our essences become one and for a moment,
We are conscious of our singular molecules joined in perfect harmony.

A moment that has forevor changed everything that we once knew of love.

As quickly as were brought together by the winds,
We begin to dissolve back to the matter we were created from,
Forever changed by our unified love in a flash.

This was how I discovered what true eternal love was

As a cloud.

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