Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You may say that I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one

Historical films and true life stories of how nazi soldiers by the end of the WW2 saw its futililty and started letting ppl go or not turning ppl in. They realized that all the orders they were given and everything was pointless and unjust. The police have this same problem, and despite the fact that ppl are standing for human rights, that they were told everyday to be proud of, the police hide behind "orders" and "I'm just doing my job", because they can't lose their job, they have families to feed and support. So money in all this is suppressing our rights and morels. WE HAVE TO CHOOSE between whats morel and survival. I get so depressed sometimes because everywhere I turn is another thing to entrap us and screw us over financially. From a 1h max parking sign at a pay meter next to a flat rate 14 dollar a day parking lot. to government websites constructed for only 1 type of mind set- the left in my oppinon- The continuation of treating banking like a bussiness and pushing out credit unions, to closing down social programs for rehabilitation and building privatetized prisons, whose soul purpose is more prisoners more profit.

Oour media is owned by corporations, that's obvious, and they have to keep making a profit to support this merry-go round GDP and economy. that continuously chooses money over human well being. including our health industry. It's scary. IF we're healthy, they can't turn a profit, doctors and nurses are fired, they can't generate enough money to run the hospitals. So medicinal test results are manipulated to release drugs that harm and not heal, to keep ppl sick. The problem that we see and feel everyday in our work places, to seeing it at the stores we shop at, is why ppl are becoming more and more depressed, because they don't have time to do anything worth while and for themselves. They don't have time to create, to learn new things. And mainly question our current structure and the fact that its not okay.

A couple weeks ago Harper said at a press conference- "The Canadian economy is doing fine, we're coming out better then most countries!", and ppl believed it. But what no one is admitting on the news is that the world. THE WORLD. EARTH . A PLANET. is in debt. And now economists are coming out with the truth, a depression is coming, but it should be after christmas. People go on the news saying, "I'm not gunna stop shopping", or "I'm starting early to take advantage of the sales". Spending all their savings and then the depression comes. EVERYONE is screwed, and the ppl telling these occupiers to get a job, end up losing their jobs and security and benifits, and then who are they gunna ask for help? there are 25 MILLION ppl unemployed in America right now. Its not about jobs, its about circumstances. if the shoes were on the other foot, it would suck, and you'd need help. Well. I'm here to help. and so are ppl participating at these occupations. Standing up for what we ourselves built, the parks, the buildings. w/e. We did it (ppl, not me, but working class human beings.) and then those creations are marketing and sold, and we're told we can't have them or use them, and we're trespassing.

Everything is such hypocrisy... this is why mental illness is so high. Everything is a double standard. from cops that ticket for speeding while speeding to ticket you, to running stops signs, and ticketing you for the same. By others doing these things, it leaves the window open for others to follow. Humans were trained to follow. Follow our leaders.Trust them. and slowly die as that trust is time and time again betrayed. Because of pointless outdated policies.. The ground is shaking to wake us up.  We gotta help eachother.Thats that.  I said before I didn't want children. This is why. Why would I want to bring a child into a world where at every turn the structure of it seeks to crush your soul and put you to work.  We can't all just run off and be self sufficient in the forest, we need to work together to help everyone realize this dream. to stop living recklessly and to stop putting a price on life and our right to live it.

Everyday, I see more and more ppl making the right choice to speak up against these injustices, like google with the transparency report. Governments all over are no longer in the citizens best interests. Its becoming clear.

Human beings created the system, so human beings can dismantle it. It is an empiric battle we are facing. But its not right, and needs to be correcting so we can begin to heal our war torn lands, start using the new energies science has created to get off fossil fuels NOW, and get back to not being afraid and learn how to live with each other in this new global movement that spread thru the mere concept of a shared feeling of anguish and disgust for what we helplessly watched happen.

Cairo occupation sent this letter to Oakville in the last couple days, and it expresses beautifully and articulately how I think all involved or aware this feel. And shows that we ARE all connected. And together we CAN change the world. I don't think any of us are prepared to stop until we see the oppression and enslavement and lies end. It's time we each stand up and start looking honestly at ourselves, what is being said, and having open discussions on the issues instead of letting someone else fix it. Because that sure as shit didn't work..

excusez mon fran├žais

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