Friday, October 14, 2011

Whats to come?

In my bones,
I feel it.

With my eyes,
I see it.

All around me,
People discuss it.

But will you do something about it?

This isn't the ROYAL "It" I am referring to. This "it", represents EVERYTHING that you can possibly think of, that is wrong. The day to day bitching you do at home after the day is through. Your wants, hopes, and dreams for you life.

Listening tonight to people discuss respectively and equally without bias and polite joy in their eyes, how to assemble for the fight we've been building towards for 2000 years I'd say. Since those early days when Governments first were grouped, and it was decided that they would get to make the decisions for everyone. This idea has spread worse the rate of people who are diagnosed with cancer and disease daily.

I'm not just referring to Governments totalitarian motives. I'm referring to those who also have accumulated so much wealth through dishonourable dealings that they themselves are convinced that they have done no wrong.

The wall street employees laugh from balconies sipping expensive wines, overlooking the swarms of outraged citizens pass by below like ants. Most likely imagining they have laser-beam eyes and pick out targets to destroy after every sip, but it's all in good fun.

Inside my blood boils, and I find it near impossible to focus on work as it begins to slowly produce bubbles.

In a way I feel I've been leading myself here, preparing for the last 5 years. Messages/Ideas of pre, present and post revolutions fire from my fingertips, thru my pencil, and onto any surface. It seems I am incapable of escape. I've done a lot of self sacrificing to get here, but without regret. Killing dillusional ideals should never be followed by regret. But I'm not gunna lie, of course I had moments of regret. But I never held onto these thoughts for long once they attempted to infect my mind. Why? Exactly. Why would I? Time is always moving foreward (unless CERN and OPERA prove otherwise in the next year) All those decisions DID bring me to this day, and who I HAVE CHOSEN to be on this day. No longer will I run uncontrolled. I will choose. I will decide.

Ghandi said " Be the change you want to see in the world" which I recently heard was a mistranslation, and he actually said "Become the change you want to see in the world". A much more action oriented wording

Since the day just over a year ago when I made the decision to reclaim myself and decided from then on who I was going to be would be my choice. I have encountered nothing but AWESOME-ness. I have faced fears. Learned to listen to my body and really feel it and what it needed more. I'm still no expert. Learn to live more simply, traveled to 5 different countries and across an ocean twice. While traveling, you can be sure I took my observational nature with me.

What did I observe?

Humans are all the exact same. It doesn't matter from what country, cultural background, race, or language you came from. Fundamental Human wants and desires are all the same. Corporate abuse, is always the same. Everywhere I went, Someone was getting F%$#ed over by someone else. In Guatemala Corporations were more dangerous then Chernoble. Systematically poisioning people who have no knowledge of how unhealthy a pop or some sweets could be. Food is Food and their happy to have it.

The owners of coke should be put in Jail for crimes of Humanity. NO JOKE. Mcdonalds too, TIM HORTONS. Profits the game. And our souls are for sale.

The choice is always in your hand. Get informed, Get educated.

What the media says is not even a fraction of the whole truth..

I don't know what the future holds. But I will fight for a fair and just one that has all the voices of the world heard on an equal level without fear

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