Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I just watched the movie "Cashback". I thought it was just fantastic. Its exactly how I operate. I observe life. I observe peoples daily interactions, their squabbles, their minor frustrations exploding onto unsuspecting parties. Most people walk around like zombies, possessed by their idea of how something should be or the fact it didn't go to their liking. But because of this. people miss what actually happened. and instead of accepting it and going with what they had. they tend to control it to make it something that they think they want. I try not to take peoples frustrations too seriously, because they don't know how to not be frustrated, and to not accept things as they are now, and to go from there with what they are given. Letting go and letting it be as the beatles say, takes practice, like yoga. eventually you learn to release the tension that you hold  onto from your toes to your lips. and it becomes easier to just "be here". Every moment is a moment to change. if you can recognize that you have that power to change yourself.
I jumped out of bed today (even tho I felt crappy) because I finally knew the next stage for a painting. All it needed was time to come to me.

The answers are all just waiting for you. you just have to wait till you cross paths with them on your journey


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