Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's with this whole Occupy movment? I'll tell you!

"Maybe these protesters should get a job"

Seems to be the general consensus among people only informed by the mass media.

I'd say it has a lot more to do with exposing corruption and creating a new transparent all inclusive system, so corporations can stop manipulating the badgered overworked and underpaid populations desperate for any money they can get. in when the middle class get squeezed more and more forced to only find part time jobs because companies lose money with more full time employees, and god knows they don't want them to make it to retirement, or qualify for benefits that would cost the company more money. So people are forced to work MULTIPLE jobs, creating a dynamic in which more and more jobs are being taken by single individuals, so the job creation numbers need to double, which creates less and less happiness and more overworked ppl who at the end of the day wanna drink and forget the fact that they are FORCED to work jobs with no real benifit to progress and actually creates de-progress because of the disparity for numbers on a paper as job creations instead of looking at this all as a bigger picture.

We cannot create an economy based on the current system of over-consumption because it is depleting our water, forest, polluting our ground water thru UN-ethical means of attaining money and jobs, filling our landfills with useless products because nothing is built to last anymore because it wont make money. businesses wont last in the long run.

This whole system of working ppl to the bone so they can simply eat and have shelter is making us sick, and negligent to our ethics and moral guidelines. But the more sick we are, the more health care jobs they can create in the long run, because they'll need to pay workers to build new hospitals, then pay nurses to staff the hospitals and doctors, which helps the education system pump out more ppl to add to this already faltering system, but job creation isn't moving fast enough for the amount of ppl going thru these post secondary institutes, so ppl are left with thousands of dollars of loans. and its not like most of these ppl can get hired after school because everyone wants 2 yrs + min experience. they They get stuck working for the corporations like McDonalds who thru over farming of cattle have forced the farmers to resort to unethical mass farming and pesticide use to turn out more crops to feed the cows that add to our growing carbon emission problems, and most of the meat is wasted anyway because it isn't used in time

Seems like our system is working JUST fine your right. add a couple jobs to the docket and we'll be saved. I'm sure this will last forevour, and we're all just wining for the sake of wining.

The numbers don't lie, everyday more and more people are joining these occupies because This isn't living. and it isn't even necessary to live this way. all wee need to do is change the system. so money stops influence sheer ethics. Don't cry when we start wining when theirs no more oil to find, no more farm-able land, and no more drinking water. We as a SPECIES cannot afford the days of turning the other cheek anymore.

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