Monday, January 24, 2011

How to build a Stove 101

We're being shown how to mix the mortar properly and what it should look and feel like 
Now we're being show techniques for applying the mortar to our trowels and then how to apply it to the bricks
We're now each given an opportunity to test the consistence of the Mortar, so we'll know what it should feel like
Jim and Phil are showing us the top of the stoves, and roughly how high they'll be once its built
Quick demo of a stove construction
While The professionals are building their stove, we're building a mock one for practice at the other end the Shop.
Quick demonstration on how to apply the cement to the trowel for the final stage of sealing the stove
This isn't the last stage of what the stove looks like. its seal and coated and sanded after this stage.

I took a lot of video of the demo that I will be compiling soon and posting.

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