Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept 12th Ho Chi it to me baby

Well. Vietnam has been quite the learning experience thus far. Day one we flew to Singapore Airport from Denpasar. The start of the day went off without a hitch and everything flowed very smoothly. I did a painting collaboration the day before with a local artist named Suarsa, and I had called him early in the morning to say I would take the painting with me, I wanted me too but I didn't think I could carry it around, and couldn't afford to ship it. So he brought it to my hotel and we got everything packed up. I left some clothes behind to lighten my load some. Also some inscents as a gift to the family. who ran the place.

We boarded the first plane with no problems and were off to Singapore. The decent into the Singapore airport was a picturesque view of oil tankers and drilling pipes all around the coast...  We got our bags and headed for check-in. We didn't think it started yet so we were gunna get some tasty japanese food ( in know..) but then we saw our check-in flight counter so we went up, and then we were refused boarding because we didn't have a letter for a visa upon arrival!!! So we had to use Stephs ipad (thank god we had some sort of computer..note to self, get a frackin laptop) to apply for a visa online thru a 3rd party site. We couldn't just call the embassy because they had JUST closed (double doh). We applied for a rush visa, and it would have cost us about 30 dollars to get the visa orginally, but it ended up costing us like 250... frgs@%kS%3kaglersnuff. We got the email approval after about an hour and a half or something. Luckilly the airport had cool gold water droplet things that raised and lowered from the cieiling in 2 seconds to make cool ass 3 dimensional  designs to keep my stress at bay lol. 

*eep visa wtf do we stay in sing... whaaaaaat its making particle waves...omg we have like 1 hour before our flight leaves and... now its creating a ball shape hovering over a wormhole omfg* 

We got the email approval! packed up our pile of luggage, and headed to the check-in counter.... only... there was no one there... all the screens had pictures of Jet Star logos on them with no flight details.. fuck me...moment. pardon my language.. But we just spent 250 dollars for... nothing... I dont thiiink so! Tracked down the manager. Showed her the letter. Got moved to the front of another flights check-in line... waited patiently.... for the 4 ladies with like 8 shopping bags full of duty free stuff to get weighed... check in. Then ran for security. Seeing that our flight was on it's last call for boarding, we started a light jog.. Then seeing our gate was the last one in the terminal (always.. idk how I always pick the last gosh darn gate with like all flights...) We started running down the moving walkways breaking up couples gingerly holding hands at a stand still. 

Flashes of my flight to Guatemala from Toronto running thru my head.. Then We arrived, with still a few ppl waiting in line!! Woo Woo!! the weird thing is that the security checks at this and in Denpasar were all AT the gates and not at the entry into terminals. 

We were on the plane!! No tvs on the plane. And we did order a meal when we booked the flight, but our tickets didn't say so.. boooo. So I paid 10 dollars for a gross stew thing and a bun, which was just a McDonalds lookin hamburger bun... that wasn't even cut in half lol.. I couldn't get the plastic off my stew mush. the sides of the plastic wrapping on it just peel off around it not breaking the seal. So I stared stabbing it with my fork and knife (both sides..) and they  were just bending to the whim of this plastic!! I have tears in my eyes from laughing at how ridiculous the whole day was lol. 

We got to Ho Chi Minh and their was a man waiting with our names on a sign.

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