Monday, November 21, 2011

You can't evict an idea whose time has come

Hey guys. Well its finally hear. Eviction issued for OccupyOttawa at 11:59pm tonight

I'm informing you of the situation as it stands now, not how it will stand later. I know you would like for me to not partake in this movement because of what could happen. But it is because of what "could" happen that I participate in this movement.

Systematically our rights and freedoms as individuals to enjoy this world are being stripped away, and we are forced to work until we can not work any longer. I don't want to see people look for reasons to have to escape the circumstances of their life. Pay close attention to the words "reality escape" when you see them advertised. Reality shouldn't have to be something u escape from, it should be enjoyed every moment of everyday. If its not, then somethings not right. I refuse to lay down and do nothing while this way of life continues to strip people of their voice and their freedoms. The actions of the government lately with bill c-10, and c-18 demonstrate that we are of no consequence to our government. "We" meaning humans. They are currently trying to shut down all the occupys across Canada. 3 or 4 of them all at once, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and  Ottawa.

The system is not our "friend" The system is a structure of control. Why control tho? Because we each hold inside of us the beauty and potential of.. well ...eternity. and yes, God, or the omnipresent energy of the universe. That power, when used can accomplish anything. That singular Spark of an idea creating from seemingly nothing has the potential and growth incomprehensible to achieve anything.  The power of Positive energy will always create. The power of negativity does nothing but destroy and poison us. Its time we all "wake up" to the idea that when we work together, and combine our own individual abilities to spark creation in whatever we do, then the unachievable is achievable. Know that all it takes is that starting action, and it'll be set free to run and continue its wonderful path of creation within all who encounter that energy.

Currently our system is mainly negativity fueled. From the mainstreams media reporting of murders and criminals, lying, fraud, and human suffering, is what is preventing humanity from really shining. The negativity broadcast on the television, especially thru shows where an individual is judged for entertainment. That it is okay to judge ppl for money and entertainment purposes. The fact that ppl have to go on these shows and sell themselves to this scrutiny for money, is taking advantage of a persons want and desire to express their inner most selves. to shine.

When they receive a bad judgment you can see the crushing disappointing in their heart thru their eyes. To me this is wrong, to do that to a person. Like my Disney interview where I was told that I couldn't be as good an artist to work for disney feature. and I should stay where I was, put me thru a loop. After searching for 2 years to re-find that passion for my art that I once had, and finding it, and then being told it wasn't good enough, was soul crushing. But I said no when I felt that disappointment, and I say no now.

I say no to all of it. Do what you love, love what you do. Everyone deserves this. Having your work performance criticized and scrutinized with reports is not beneficial. If letter grades were removed from schools, the fear of failure would end, and the beginning of learning for the enjoyment of just having that knowledge could begin. This is why the schools are on board with occupy. and why the occupy movement is soon to be starting free seminars and teach-ins from professors and intellectuals. Knowledge should never be limited to those who can pay for it. It should be shared equally for the betterment of humanity.

I don't want to see any of you have to work until your bones and bodies can't physically take it anymore, Dad I know you already suffer greatly because of this. I'm not against hard work. I'm against the abuse that one has to endure because a government says they do. and it no longer becomes a choice, but a certainty.

Tthis is humanities fight, it has no borders but those placed by countries to divide. The ppl in the occupies are fighting for humanity to finally unite and realize that we are all on this one world.  Like the Berlin wall coming down, so must the metaphorical walls that seperate us.

All the problems in the world, are all our problems, we all contribute to them and allow them to continue.

The occupies are a manifestation of our hearts desire to stop this suffering. Because even if you don't think it affects you today, It certainly wont be long before it does.

I love you all. Cheers to a better world happening now